An Effective Website Starts With The End In Mind.

Without a clear goal in mind, it’s too easy to drift all over the place and not achieve the results you want. This may well be happening with your website. Your visitors are drifting around and clicking off your site. Probably never to be seen again. So, how do you know if your visitors are drifting or not? The answer lies in the numbers of people who are taking the action you want them to take.

You do know the action you want them to take, don’t you? For each and every page of your website, you need to start with the end in mind. You need to know what is the result you want to create and what specific action you want your visitors to take. For instance, do you want them to go to another page for more information, click through to a sales page, sign up for your newsletter or buy.

When and only when you have the end in mind for each page, write the page so that it leads your visitor to the particular goal you’ve chosen. Take note that I said lead your visitor because people like to be led and they like it to be easy to know what to do next. If they’re not sure, they can too easily click off your website and onto another; possibly your main competitor.

Your goal for each web page will be reflected in your call to action. You need to ensure that your call to action is a strong one.

Once you know your goals and the pages reflect this, now you can start testing to see what response you’re getting. Once you know your numbers, you’ll see if there are changes that need making to increase your conversion rate. When you’ve made the changes, check the numbers again to see if the improvement worked.

I invite you to look at each page of your website and ensure that you’ve clearly defined your goal for each page, and that a strong call to action reaches the goal. Now look at your conversion rate and consider what it would take to improve it?


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