Make Your Own Web Site That Works!

There are many reasons to make your own web site. They’re a fantastic way to reach new clients for your business, to earn some additional income, or to generate enough income to allow you to leave the rat race. But if you’re going to have a website you need to ensure that it’s effective, it works and it produces results.

The biggest single mistake made with a website is that, once it’s up and running, there aren’t sufficient people visiting it to produce the results you want. This is a mistake you can so easily avoid if you make your own web site.

If you don’t have web design or programming skills you may think you can’t do it yourself. I’m here to show you that you can. Building your own website is easier than you think and there are many advantages to doing it yourself. Firstly, you understand and know your business better than anyone else.

You’ll be in complete control of every aspect of your website and you won’t have to wait for changes and updates to be made, so you can ensure that your website has all the essential elements to work successfully. Most professional web designers may well produce a website for you that looks wonderful and could win awards.

But a great looking website isn’t so good if there aren’t enough people visiting it and you’re not producing sales and generating income. Your website needs to be effective and produce results. This is easy to achieve when you have the right tools and knowledge. You’ll put the same amount of time and effort into a website that sits out there unknown as to one that works, so why not go for one that works?

When you make your own web site you need to have an overall plan for your website: a plan that includes the structure and layout of your site, the look and feel of it, and what will make it work well in order to attract huge amounts of traffic and generate income.

Also you must submit your website to the search engines, sending out an email newsletter and much more. However, building your own website doesn’t mean you have to do all the work; you can delegate some of the admin tasks to someone else.

So, where do you start? To make your own web site successful, you’ll need to register a domain name, purchase hosting for your website, consider the design and layout and most important of all, promote it.

Promotion of your website is an essential process and this means getting listed and then ranked highly on the search engines. Your site needs to be found. The search engines enable people to find you and without these visitors, your website is likely to end up the same way as most do and that’s with little or no traffic – hence few or no sales.

This is when you hear people say that the internet didn’t work for them or their business. It’s not that the internet doesn’t work; they just didn’t know how to make it work for them. The internet is truly a remarkable opportunity and you can tap into this now.

You need to know the purpose of your site. Is it for people to find out more information, to produce sales leads, or for passive income? Whatever the purpose, the single most important thing you need to do to make your own web site successful is to attract traffic to your site.

That means people visiting it and if this is done correctly, this will be targeted visitors looking for information and ultimately the solution you provide. Hence, your site makes sales and you’ll be streets ahead of your competition.

You may be wondering if it’s going to be too time-consuming to make your own web site. Yes, it is going to take some time, but it’s surprising how much can be achieved in as little as 1 – 2 hours per week. It can be done more quickly than you may think.

Building your website won’t happen overnight and it will take some effort. To make your own web site truly successful, you’ll want to include other elements such as a newsletter, forms and auto-responders. These all add to the effectiveness of a website and ultimately lead to sales.

Now you’re probably thinking that building your own website is beyond you. You might be saying to yourself “I don’t know enough about all this”, “I don’t have the skills or knowledge required” or “I wouldn’t know where to start or how to plan what needs to be done”.

It’s understandable that you’re having these thoughts because there is quite a bit to consider in order to make your own web site successful. However, there’s a very simple way to do it that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

So what are the ingredients needed? You and your passion or knowledge of your business or product plus some motivation. Now add the most powerful tool available and hey presto, you’re well on your way to a successful website that triggers sales.

This powerful tool is SiteBuildIt (SBI) and is an all-in-one site-building, traffic generating, and site-marketing product that makes it simple for you to make your own web site that produces results.

It provides everything you need; all the information in a step-by-step guide, strategies and tools. You don’t need search engine expertise, technical knowledge or have to hire an expensive consultant.

Make your own web site with SBI

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