SEO Basic Concept You Should To Remember

As Kang Rohman wrote in the previous that Blogspot Tutorial will be focused to study SEO (Search Engine Optimization) especially for bloggers/ BlogSpot users. I just want to skim someone’s opinions out there that blogger engine is not SEO friendly, it certainly not true because all get back to the engine users itself, whether to use blogger,Wordpress, Drupal, etc. If you didn’t understand how to apply various SEO techniques on the engine you used, it just a big zero.

Previously, Kang Rohman wants to instill the basic concepts of SEO that you should to remember, there are among others:

  • Natural and think like human being
  • Search engine indexes the blog content
  • SEO is a competition
  • SEO techniques is not only one

Natural And Thinking Like Human Being

In research, there are similarities in pattern of thinking between search engine and human being, perhaps it because the programmer of search engine is indeed human being. Here are a few:

  • Search engine prefers blogs with original posting. In real world, other people’s act of piracy is consider unpleasant and it’s against all aspects of community, as well as search engine itself, it refers blogs with original contents than those with other blogs copied from another resources or in other word copy paste.
  • Don’t like to be deceived. In SEO there is term named Black Hat SEO, that is SEO technique which applies search engine deception technique for examples hidden text, hidden link, keyword repetition, etc. which basically are deception techniques, and some of the techniques that are not desirable by the search engine.
  • Glad to informative blogs. Many people pay attention to others just because the others often to put forward some useful information, as well as personal or especially for public. Search engine is the same.
  • Do not like excessive. Only few people’s who like overact behavior, as well as search engine it doesn’t like overload blogs.
  • Like the recommended blogs by many parties. Search engine would like the recommendation, in this case is given a backlink by other blogs. Backlink in blogosphere is like recommendation or endorsement.
  • And many others

Search Engine Indexes The Blogs Content

All you have to bear in SEO that is search engine indexes the entire contents in our blog and as the search engine consideration to prioritized your blog position.

Maybe you have heard of SEO tips before in choosing a domain name , at least one keyword from yourblog’s main topic, the post tittle should contain the target keyword, the first paragraph should contain the target keyword. Or maybe you have heard about “Content Is the King”, it’s not apart from the search engine has indexes what you have provide in blog and forward it in search engine.

An illustration, I tried to write the “Blogspot Tutorial” keyword in Google search engine, and here are the results:

The winner for the keywords is

Why so? One factor is writing the same domain with the keyword in search, there are posts within those words.

So, the core is search engine indexes all the writing. Without any posts in your blog, then all the SEO techniques were applied will be useless.

SEO Is A Competition

In fact, SEO is a competition which is more appropriate to apply the SEO techniques then he comes out as the winner. As conjunction, SEO rivalry could be tens of thousands even tens of millions.

Like in school, in a class students can be up to tens, who conveyed the same subject matters, with same teacher. But from dozens of students there must be a rank 1. Ask why? Because the student who rank 1 is able to apply what has learnt in study than his friends as competitors.

SEO Technique Is Not Only One

SEO technique is not only one, not even a definite number. In that way, do not relay on just with one SEO technique you have read on internet and you blog can be directly shot in the first place in search. That’s why it very important to learn SEO in detail.

In addition, SEO are dynamic. From time to time there will be an outdated SEO techniques as developers are constantly update their search engine algorithm.


The reviews above are only few thought that should be induced in about SEO, of course there are a lot of thoughts that you should keep in mind and applied. Because of my lack of knowledge, that’s all can be written at this time.


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