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Starting A New SEO Business ( Part 1)

Begin with Setting Your Goals

If You are Thinking of Starting A New SEO Business -Start by Setting some Goals.

By investing the time and energy that you have in setting specific goals today, you can help yourself make each decision you need to make to reach the end result you are hoping for. In other words, if you set some overall goals today, you can help insure that your business will be there and be prosperous throughout the future of the business.
Goals now, count.

While we all have the same goal of finding success in the future, we still need to set specific goals to help us to get to that point. It just doesn’t happen overnight.

How You Can Set Goals Successfully:

When it comes to setting goals, there are not many of us that are very good at doing so. There are plenty of opportunities for mistakes to be made, but the real problem comes in how we set them as well as what we do after we set them.

For starters, it is essential to know what the objectives of your goals are. Take a few minutes right now to figure this out.

Go ahead, just simply sit down with a blank sheet of paper (or, you can use your computer too.) and avoid all distractions for at least 10 minutes. Turn off your e-mail. If needs be taken your phone off the hook.

Write down anything and everything that comes to your mind in regards to your future goals.

What are they?

Visualize where do you want to be in a year?

Who do you want to have with you as part of your group or team?

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

What dollar amount of sales will make you happy this year?

What do you need to make in profits to reach a new level of satisfaction each year?

All of these things may be things to spark your mind. Determine where your business will be within the next years. Look long-term for starters. Then, follow these few tips.

Goal writing is made easy through some basic steps.

1. Write down your longest term goal. This is the place that you want to be in a number of years, or the place you need to be to be as successful as you plan to be.

2. Give yourself a time frame for making that happen. You may want to say that you want to make your first million in two years. Or, it may take many more for that to happen. Giving your goal a timeframe helps to get your mind-set in how to make that happen. If you leave it open-ended, then the long-term goals are not benefited by your actions each day, as they would be if you give them some thought.

3. Give yourself smaller goals to reach as increments up to the larger one. For example, the new entrepreneur may be able to say that he wants to be in an office, set up and running within a month’s time. In six months, he plans to be running into profit, after expenses have been paid down. Determine what your steps are to reaching your goal. Make sure that you write them with time frames attached too.

4. Next, write them by hand on paper in the following manner. “Within six months, I will have paid off all debt that I owe and be running in the clear. I will do this by pushing sales and not pushing any new expenditures during that time.” In this manner, you have listed not only what the goal is and the time frame to have it done, but also how you will get there.

5. Take this piece of paper and place it everywhere and anywhere that you will see it at least several times per day. Seeing it will allow you to think about it. Thinking about it makes it happen.
Success through goals is the only way to find it.

Now that you know what your goals are, it is essential for you to make sure that they do happen.

You will need to read those goals each day, at least one time per day. When you think it, see it, feel it, you make it happen.

When you go through each step, determine your goal for it. How will you implement it into your current work day and how will you ensure that it will happen?

Starting A New SEO Business (Part 2) –

Tips on Getting Started

If you have not set up some goals and objectives for your new SEO business, then read Part 1 first.

After all, once you start building your SEO skills, the light bulb generally comes on in most peoples minds as to how they might like to make use of their talents. We actually teach students how to set up a new SEO business right from scratch, as one of our sessions. What I’d like to share here are some simple steps you can consider, as well as the sequence of those steps to be most effective in launching your proposed SEO business.

It sounds odd, but many people have the challenge of just getting started at all. Often it’s due to a fear of some sort. It’s easy to be busy all the time, but are you busy doing the right things?

Some people begin to work with SEO from a self-taught perspective. They may buy all of the popular tools. They buy all the latest e-books or hang out in the local forums. They may subscribe to various resources,
always looking for next great thing to sign up for.

But for some reason or other, they seem to have difficulty in actually getting started.

Step 1 is to set some specific goals.

On Now with Step 2 – Get Started Upgrading Your Skills for 2011 (Sooner than later.)

Begin by getting your SEO skills right up to speed. If you are unsure of yourself over certain scenarios or in highly competitive categories, consider taking some training. Far too many Webmasters start out by selling SEO and then have difficulty actually delivering any results.

So learn how to deliver first so that you have a comfort level and know for a fact, EXACTLY what you can do.

Where can you build your SEO skills?

Grab a few Free SEO Tips

Attend A Live, hands-on SEO Workshop in a Local Community

A few hours in obtaining new SEO knowledge can deliver a huge return for your online business – for life!

Be sure to gain Personal confidence through experience.

This is probably the next most important step. The sooner you build your confidence then the sooner you will realize the potential for what you can perform. In the beginning, start with a few of your own sites where you have full creative liberty without the demands or pressures that come from a client.

Experience build’s confidence. Set some benchmarks for yourself. As you get comfortable competing at a certain level, then you can progress to take on bigger challenges. It’s surprising how fast you can grow your skills with a little daily practice on a regular basis.

You can Open your doors for business at this stage.

Once you have reached a level where you have a few profitable Web sites or sites where you are proud of your achievements in ranking as well as meeting whatever other objectives you’ve set for yourself, it’s time to consider business.

In the beginning, choose your first few clients well. Don’t just take on any client but select your clients based on the research you perform on their buying audience. Those first few clients need to be success stories, so be sure to do all of your research on their buying audience BEFORE you take them on as a client.

The ultimate thing you are building is your reputation now.

Your ultimate objective in the beginning is to choose clients rather than have them choose you. Remember to use all of the principles you learn in your training along with good old fashioned customer service excellence. Eventually what occurs, as you choose your clients wisely (as opposed to going for a fast buck) is that your new clients will literally become your sales people. If your work makes their business
really sing, they tell literally everyone they know. Ultimately, in a short period of time, this generates genuine referral business for you.

Now instead of you chasing the prospects, the prospect is seeking you (based on referrals and the excellent successes that you have brought your first clients.)

In Summary:

Be sure you get your new SEO business started on the right foot!

1. Get started – Make up your mind and create an action plan

2. Build Genuine SEO Skills First Not Later

3. Practice makes perfect – Build your confidence

4. Open Your Business – Choose Your First Clients Well

5. A Solid Reputation Delivers Referrals, Repeat Business and Client Retention


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